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Energy on the BSC! THE Club with the Patent pending where Sustainable Energy meets Blockchain!

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VanderCool Kinetic Energy Blockchain Company

The App

VanderCool Kinetic Energy
Blockchain Company roll-out
Regenerative Energy + Regenerative Capitalism = Benefit to Everyone!


Democratizing the Harvesting and Monetization of Sustainable Solar, Wind, Hydro, Regenerative/Braking, Motion, Gravity, and all other Kinetic Energy Sources through our BLOCKCHAIN-CONNECTED PATENT PENDING PROCESS, TECHNOLOGY, MACHINES, TOKENS AND ECOSYSTEM. 

Our VanderCool Energy Club Tokenized Asset on the BSC:

Create, Incubate,
Grow, Sell, Repeat

The Blockchainists LLC & TM

“Future tech is our jam. We make cool, profitable things using Blockchain-enabled real-world products while doing good for the world – and we have lots of fun in the process.”


~Geoff VanderCool, CEO

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The Virtuous Cycle 
Ecosystem of Growth

Ecosystem of Growth.png

Democratising the Monetisation of Kinetic Energy through Blockchain!


Club Keys

Each purchase and sale contributes 9% to the virtuous cycle of growth. The overall percentage is variable as needed dependent upon the economic landscape, but will never exceed 9%.

Not investment advice, all investment involves risk including the potential loss of capital. © 2022 by VanderCool Kinetic Energy Blockchain Company

$VanderCool Club Keys on

the BNB Smart Chain

Chart vCOOL.png

2% for liquidity


2.5% for ecosystem expansion


4.5% for development

How we got here (literally)

When our great great great great great great great great great grandmother Aeltje Cornelis Cool arrived in New Amsterdam in 1639 (which became New York City 26 years later), she founded a family of endeavorers that would last almost 400 years and counting. I wonder if she even remotely imagined what her many hundreds of thousands of granddaughters and grandsons would help build almost 40 decades later. Could she have imagined Blockchain? NFTs? Crypto? Bitcoin as gold? VanderCool Kinetic Energy Blockchain Company? 


I'll bet she could ;-)


Within a few years of Aeltje arriving in New Amsterdam, a young man arrived on the shores of the "New World" in what is now New York Harbor, bound as an indentured servant in 1652. His name? Jan [John] Aertsen Vanderbilt. A poor farmer when his indenture ended, he built a farm in what ultimately became Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Later generations moved to Staten Island, Manhattan, New Jersey and beyond, throughout the world. Could he have known some of his progeny would end up as one of the most famous families of all time? Or that his grandson would marry a woman with a name like Cool??!!


Today our family and our Club have members and ancestors from the USA, Holland, England, Ireland, Nigeria, Haiti, Germany, Côte d’Ivoire, Scotland, Indonesia, Native Americans from the Powhatan and other tribes, and many friends and partners of this firm across the globe. We are a loving group of women, men, xem and more! ... and all we do is focus on building cool stuff. VanderCool stuff! To the benefit of individuals and communities everywhere, including our own 😊


 At VanderCool Club and VanderCool Kinetic Energy Blockchain Company, we build fun, profitable, sustainable, products, patents, projects, and people's careers -- just like GreatGrandma Cool and GreatGrandpa Vanderbilt would have wanted us to! Thank you for being here! Please join our FAMILY!

For more information, to partner with us, to get involved, email our CEO directly:

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