Energy on the BSC! THE Club with the PATENT where Energy meets Blockchain!

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VanderCool Kinetic Energy Blockchain Company


VanderCool Kinetic Energy

Blockchain Company roll-out


Democratizing the Harvesting and Monetization of Sustainable Solar, Wind, Hydro, Regenerative/Braking, Motion, Gravity, and all other Kinetic Energy Sources through our BLOCKCHAIN-CONNECTED PATENT PENDING PROCESS, TECHNOLOGY, MACHINES, TOKENS AND ECOSYSTEM. 

Our VanderCool Energy Club Tokenized Asset on the BSC:

Create, Incubate,
Grow, Sell, Repeat

The Blockchainists LLC & TM

“Future tech is our jam. We make cool, profitable things using Blockchain-enabled real-world products while doing good for the world – and we have lots of in the process.”


~Geoff VanderCool, CEO

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The Virtuous Cycle 
Ecosystem of Growth

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Democratising the Monetisation of Kinetic Energy through Blockchain!


For more information, to partner with us, to get involved, email our CEO directly:

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