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Power Company

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We hold the Utility Patent-pending where Sustainable Energy Monetization
meets Blockchain & Web3

VanderCool Power Roll-Out
Regenerative Energy + Regenerative Capitalism = Benefit to Everyone!

Democratizing the Harvesting and Monetization of Sustainable Solar, Wind, Water, Motion, and more using our Blockchain - connected patent-pending process via technology, machines, tokens and our ecosystem.

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Our VanderCool Club Tokenized Asset on the BSC:

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How to buy $vCOOL

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How to buy $vCOOL


VanderCool Club Key


Each purchase and sale contributes 9% to the virtuous cycle of VanderCool Club growth. The overall percentage is variable, but will never exceed 9%.

The VanderCool Club Key token is the connector that joins all the various segments of our business.

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2% for liquidity

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2.5% Bitcoin/$vCool Buy-Back-And-Burn

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4.5% for ecosystem development and expansion

Create, Incubate, Grow, Sell, Repeat

“Future tech is our jam. We make cool, profitable things using Blockchain-enabled real-world products while doing good for the world – and we have lots of fun in the process.”


~ Sean G., CEO

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In 1639 and 1652 our ancestors Aeltje Cornelis Cool and Jan Aertsen Vanderbilt came to the Americas and settled in New Amsterdam, helping build New York and the USA. When their grandchildren married, the VanderCool brand was born.


From the beginning, we built this company to stand out. Our products, patents, and blockchain ideas are based on real-world ventures. While other companies have collapsed under the weight of the crypto winter and the FTX meltdown, we are growing and thriving. Our innovative utility patent application has been filed with the United States Patent & Trademark Office and differs from anything that exists in blockchain.


Customers will collect green and renewable energy in our patent-pending, reusable, blockchain-encoded battery packs, which will be deployed in a number of ways, including selling energy back to the grid and storing energy for use by individuals and communities. Our system has the smallest possible environmental impact and is the most flexible, easy-to-use system for individual economic growth and profit.


Additionally, our VanderCool Club Key Tokens (vCools) continue to rise. We are partnering with one of the largest electric motorcycle dealers in the nation, laying the foundation of our green energy division. We are developing a course to educate consumers about blockchain and share how our company is built differently, with a basis in real-world applications and tangible products. And we are exploring additional value-adds with like-minded businesses. Being a member of the VanderCool Club provides opportunities to share in incentives, exciting events, swag, discounts and promotions, and other fun benefits.


At VanderCool Club and VanderCool Power Company, we build fun, profitable and sustainable products and projects.


Welcome to the Club!

For more information or to partner with us, email us directly:

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